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XPT Performance Breathing Certification

XPT Performance Breathing Certification

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The most comprehensive guide to breathwork in existence.

Harness the power of the breath to influence the mind, enhance fitness, control stress & emotional states, and improve health and performance. Understand and master breathwork across a full spectrum of techniques and learn core principles that will reshape the way you look at breathing for every situation. Use this course for education, or to become an XPT Performance Breathing® coach. This course is 100% online and is available immediately after purchase.

“Every breath you take is a step towards optimization or dysfunction. You are going to breathe anyway, so why not start there as the foundation for long-term lifestyle optimization?” ~ PJ Nestler | XPT Performance Director

Why do I need this course?

Breathing is the foundation of life. It influences every system and cell in the body and everybody is doing it thousands of times per day. However, many of us never put conscious thought into our breath, and never learn how to do it properly. We end up taking thousands of dysfunctional breaths per day and never even know it. In this online-only course, you will learn why optimal breathing is so important, how to assess functional and dysfunctional breathing in various situations, and how to teach and prescribe dozens of breathing methods designed to enhance your physical and mental health, performance, and longevity.

What leading professionals are saying about this course

“XPT delivers top-notch breathing instruction – from Laird’s breath-led meditations and intricate patterns of breath holds to PJ’s spot-on instructions on the mechanics and anatomy, I was in heaven. Whether it’s breathing to control stress or as part of recovery, XPT is cutting edge when it comes to integrating the science and performance of breathing as a key component of being an optimized human.” ~ Dr. Belisa Vranich | BreathingClass Founder and author of “Breathe: The Simple, Revolutionary 14-Day Program to Improve your Mental and Physical Health “

“The XPT team has world-class understanding and experience in breath work. The methodologies they teach are both highly-effective and innovative. Without question, this is a massively importance piece to the human performance” ~ Dr. Andy Galpin | Director BioChemistry & Molecular Exercise Physiology Lab and advisor to XPT

“As recent as five years ago, breathing was seldom considered as a performance strategy. Now, it is top of the agenda for many high performance coaches, elite athletes, law enforcement and military personnel. Performance Breathing® is a major focus of XPT, encompassing the best techniques from around the world to improve recovery, resilience and performance. Attend XPT and incorporate scientifically based strategies to improve sleep, focus and exercise performance. It’s a game changer!” ~ Patrick McKeown | author of The Oxygen Advantage and advisor to XPT


Breathing Foundations
The science of breath | Breathing assessment & dysfunction | Functional breathing mechanics | Breathing to influence the mind & control emotional states | Managing stress

Performance Breathing ®
Preworkout breathing activation | Maximize performance by shifting out of stressful states during intense exercise |Breathing & bracing to improve mechanics and stabilization | Master breathing mechanics to optimize efficiency  | Pre-competition breathing protocols | Enhance recovery by downshifting post workout

Additional Resources
15+ Performance Breathing methods | 50+ research studies| Assessment tools | Programming strategies | Guided breathwork sessions | Access to online coaches network

This information is so powerful we’ve seen it change the lives of thousands of people. Join us in spreading this information around the world and helping us to impact the health, fitness and performance of people who need it most.

This online course includes ~15-18 hours of pre-recorded lectures, study material, and guided practicals that you can take at your own pace. Course access date ends 2 months from the start date.