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XPT Life 1:1 Coaching

XPT Life 1:1 Coaching

XPT Life 1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching Sessions are available to members of the XPT Life Facebook Group only.

Looking for personalized coaching from one of XPT’s industry-leading experts? We are excited to announce the launch of new 1:1 coaching services to complement your XPT Life training and take your performance to the next level.

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30-Minute Consultation (via Zoom): $49

Connect directly with an XPT coach about any topic related to your performance goals. From training modifications due to injury or limitations to open discussions about the latest research in regular sauna use, your coach will provide you with the knowledge and solutions necessary to progress along your high-performance journey.

30-Minute Performance Breathing Session (via Zoom): $49

Looking to control your state in any situation? Master the fundamentals of XPT’s revolutionary breathwork science with a 1:1 Performance Breathing session. Whether you’re looking for a quick recharge or the full set of tools needed to breathe for a better life, your coach will tailor each session to meet your goals.

(x3) 1-Hour Personal Training Sessions (via Zoom): $299 for three sessions

Unlock your potential with 1:1 personal training from an XPT coach. Each hour-long session is customized to your specific needs and goals, allowing you to optimize your training and achieve maximum results. Take advantage of Team XPT’s expertise across the full spectrum of performance and augment your training program today.

Note: Due to limited space, and to achieve the consistency required for XPT’s unique style of training, training packages include a minimum of three (3) sessions.

1:1 Coaching Sessions are available to members of the XPT Life Facebook Group only. Please CLICK HERE to join and meet with a coach.