XPT Ice Bath

XPT Ice Bath
XPT Ice Bath
XPT Ice Bath
XPT Ice Bath

XPT Ice Bath

XPT Ice Tubs are an essential training & recovery tool for those seeking high-performance.

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Overcoming intense challenges, leaning into discomfort, stimulating growth, and recovering from damage are all building blocks of being the most versatile & resilient human being possible.

XPT Ice sessions introduce participants to the benefits of thermal stress through cold exposure. During a freezing ice plunge, we can build mental and physical resilience, stimulating adaptations while learning how to manage stress response. These benefits transcend the exposure sessions providing useful tools for overcoming stressful situations in daily life. We can also use the cold to promote physical and mental recovery from intense training, reduce pain and inflammation, and transition out of states of high stress to improve recovery and performance.


Technical Information

90 Gallon Ice Bath Specifications

Tank Length 60" (1,525 mm)
Tank Width 24" (610 mm)
Tank Depth 18" (455 mm)
Tank Height 24" (610 mm)
Tank Capacity 90 Gallon (340.68 liters)


105 Gallon Ice Bath Specifications

Tank Length 66" (1,675 mm)
Tank Width 25" (635 mm)
Tank Depth 18" (710 mm)
Tank Height 25" (635 mm)
Tank Capacity 105 Gallon (397.46 liters)


110 Gallon Ice Bath Specifications

Tank Length 56" (1,420 mm)
Tank Width 24" (610 mm)
Tank Depth 25" (635 mm)
Tank Height 31" (785 mm)
Tank Capacity 110 Gallon (416.liters)


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