Malibu "Elite" Experience

Malibu "Elite" Experience

Malibu "Elite" Experience

August 5-7 2020

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NOTE: This is a special ELITE Experience, for those looking to be tested and to push the limits of their comfort zone. This experience includes competitions and an increased level of physical and mental challenge. There are minimum fitness requirements to attend.

Join Laird Hamilton, Gabby Reece, the XPT Team and other high-performers like you on a three-day tropical fitness adventure. Discover your true potential with the XPT Breathe, Move, Recover curriculum including performance breathing, underwater workouts, gym training, nature workouts, ice-heat sessions, mindset training, recovery work, advisor lectures, and XPT lifestyle education. Experience the ultimate lifestyle transformation.

This experience includes:

Your Experience includes 3 nights at the Calamigos Resort (Check-in on August 4th, checkout on the 7th). If you prefer to come early or stay later we can connect you with our host for rates and availability.

You are responsible for your flights and transportation to and from the Experience. XPT does provide transportation once the Experience begins until it ends.

Lunch, dinner, hydration and snacks are provided. You’ll enjoy delicious, healthy food that XPT members eat to fuel themselves in real life. Lunch and dinners are done family style, as a group. We provide healthy meals consisting of lean meats, fish, vegetables, legumes, fruits, nuts etc. Vegetarian / Vegan requests are accommodated as best as possible. Water and snacks are provided throughout.

XPT is a lifestyle and life is a constant quest for knowledge and growth. During an XPT Experience, we cover topics on human performance, mindset, daily goals, nutrition, sleep, and tools for managing stress. All of these things can be taken back home with you to integrate into your regular daily routine.


***With special guests Kelly and Juliet Starret.

Experience Times
August 5: Start 8:00am / Finish 8:00pm approx
August 6: Start 8:00am / Finish 8:00pm approx
August 7: Start 8:00am / Finish 1:30pm approx

Is this experience right for me?

The XPT ELITE Experience turns up the dial on the traditional XPT Experience. This event is designed for those who are currently physically active and ready to push themselves over boundaries and outside their comfort zone. Our team of expert coaches will safely guide you to overcome obstacles and achieve results that you never thought possible. You will be tested physically and mentally in partner groups, small teams, and individually and come out the other side the most versatile and resilient human being possible.

All participants should be able to complete these minimum physical fitness standards before attending the XPT ELITE Experience:

• Swim 300m freestyle without stopping
• Run 3 miles
• Perform 40 unbroken push-ups (30 for women)
• Carry 35% of your bodyweight in each hand for 25m

*Note: If you are unable to complete these requirements please consider another XPT Experience.


Refund Policy
Participants who make a deposit (total or half) are eligible for a full refund within 7 days of initial payment, as long as there are 30 days or more until the Experience begins. A refund will not be issued after 7 days of the marked payment date, or if there are 29 days or less until the start of the Experience. Full Payment is due 30 days prior to the Experience. If the customer misses the 7-day refund window, the customer has the opportunity to transfer their deposit (total of half) to a future XPT Experience occurring within 1 year, but will be assessed a $750 transfer fee. The customer is only eligible to transfer deposit to another Experience one (1) time. In all circumstances, transfer of deposit to another offered XPT Experience must be requested a minimum of 30 days before the Experience start date. No refunds or transfer can be accommodated if there are 30 days or less to the start of Experience.