ChiliSleep - Cube

ChiliSleep - Cube
ChiliSleep - Cube
ChiliSleep - Cube
ChiliSleep - Cube
ChiliSleep - Cube
ChiliSleep - Cube
ChiliSleep - Cube

ChiliSleep - Cube

Cube Sleep System

Set one sleep temperature to keep a consistent bed climate throughout the night. Includes: 1 Cube control unit, 1 Chilipad Cool Mesh mattress pad, 1 Remote control

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+ 1 Cube control unit (2 with full)

+ 1 Chilipad Cool Mesh mattress pad

+ 1 Remote control (2 with full)

What’s included with a Cube Sleep System?

Chili Cool Mesh™ Pad

Reversible for Customized Comfort
The Cool Mesh side provides maximum cooling effect while the quilted cotton blend side provides cool comfort.

Works for 1 or 2 Sleepers
Choose to cover half the bed with a ME pad or an entire bed with the WE pad, which provides the ability to temperature regulate each side independently.

Fits Any Mattress Profile
Can fit any mattress height. The ME Pad even works on split adjustable beds.

Simple Installation and Easy Cleaning
Elastic straps allow for quick installation and removal for cleaning. 100% machine washable and dryable.

Convenience Customized
The pad connection can be placed at either end of the bed to accommodate multiple bed frame styles, power source locations and access to the control unit.

No Electrical Wires or EMFs
The pad has no electrical connections or wires, therefore zero EMFs.

Cube Control Unit

Active Cooling
Temperature ranges from 55-115°F / 13-46°C so you can set it to your ideal bed temperature and get your best sleep possible.

On-Device Temperature Controls
Control your bed temperature with accessible on-device buttons.

Fits Under the Bed
Place under bed frames 8" or more for a minimalist look.

Remote Control

Easily Change the Temperature
Set or change your bed temperature without having to get out of bed or using a mobile app.