1 day of XPT training. 1 day of an epic mountain adventure.

Join XPT in Alta, Utah for our first-ever camp in partnership with the USA’s premier mountain adventure experience, Cirque Series. Immerse yourself in the best of XPT’s innovative curriculum on Day 1, then put your performance practice to the test during an epic high-altitude journey with Cirque the next morning.

Package Includes: Registration for XPT Camp, registration for Cirque Series Alta, Peak Performance Pack* and all meals during the event.

XPT Camp registration does not include lodging, but preferred pricing will be offered by our host venue, Snowpine Lodge.

Day 1
XPT Camp

Our carefully designed 1-day curriculum will expose you to each of XPT’s innovative performance techniques, centered around our 5 pillars: Breathe. Move. Recover. Fuel. Connect. The camp will equip you with lifelong tools for becoming the most versatile and resilient version of yourself, and prepare you to ascend to greatness at Cirque Alta.

Activities: Performance Breathing™️ sessions, ice bath and sauna, a mobility and running clinic, functional training, and a special guest speaker

Day 2
Cirque Series

On Day 2, you’ll conquer Cirque Alta, a breathtaking 7.1-mile mountain adventure kicking off at 10 a.m. You'll journey alongside the world's best runners and first-time participants on the way to the summit. XPT will enhance your race day with morning breathwork and a post-race VIP sauna and ice bath experience.

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