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XPT Live Experience

XPT Live Experience

XPT Live Experience

July 10th-12th

Interact live, directly with Laird, Gabby and our team of coaches and featured speakers. Attend this XPT Experience on any device, exclusively streaming over 3 days and accessible to view for 60 days. Our online XPT Experience features: Team Workouts conducted by Laird, Gabby and our XPT coaching team Top quality lectures from around the country Performance Breathing Training sessions Live Q & A Sessions Giveaways and more

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What is XPT LIVE Experience?

Much like the onsite XPT Experience that takes place in Malibu, Hawaii and Costa Rica, The XPT LIVE Experience will give you the opportunity to learn the Breath. Move. Recover. fundamentals directly from Laird and Gabby on any device anywhere in the world. This first of it’s kind, exclusive event will allow you to participate in live Q&A’s over 3 days with the entire XPT Team and attend lectures from some of the most influential leaders in the health and fitness industry. 

If you’ve always wanted to attend an XPT Experience but for whatever reason not been able to make it happen, lock July 10-12 in the calendar and Reserve you spot now.


Day 1: 4:45pm PST - 7:30pm PST
Day 2: 8:00am PST - 5:30pm PST
Day 3: 8:00am PST - 3:00pm PST

Benefits of Attending

Through the leadership of some of the strongest minds and bodies in sport, fitness and science, you will learn why and how to implement XPT's Breathe, Move, and Recover curriculum into your everyday life and leave feeling like a new person, equipped to take on whatever life presents.

Who will be there

Spend three days with some of the leading experts in the health and fitness industry
  • Laird Hamilton
  • Gabby Reece
  • PJ Nestler
  • Mark Roberts
  • Dr. Kelly Starrett
  • Dr. Andy Galpin
  • Patrick McKeown
  • Pauly Dituro
  • Dan Garner

What to expect:

*Direct access:
Communicate directly with our lecturers, coaches and XPT founders throughout the weekend via Live Q&A sessions and a private Facebook Group

*Performance Breathing®:
Exploratory sessions, morning routines, mid-day energizers, bedtime relaxation, everyday focus and stress management

High intensity, Mobility, Strength

*Recovery sessions:
Cold exposure, movement, breathing

Guidance, tips, recipes and recommended meal plan

XPT Team Lectures

  • Founders Q&A with Laird & Gabby
  • Harnessing the Power of the Breath
  • Exposure: The Science of Why, How, and When to Use Extreme Heat and Cold
  • 5 Pillars of Health, Performance & Longevity

Expert advisor lectures & sessions including:

  • Mindset & Perseverance - Paul Dituro
  • Movement - Dr. Kelly Starret
  • Science of Longevity - Dr. Andy Galpin
  • Lab Based Nutrition- Dan Garner
  • Breathing for Life - Patrick McKeown


How is this whole thing going to work?

Participants will be accepted into a private Facebook group where you will have interactive access to chat with the XPT Team and other participants for the entire 3 days. There will be a schedule of the sessions posted in the group to allow you to plan your weekend accordingly. During the 3 days you will access a variety of sessions from the XPT founders, team, and expert advisors in the form of lectures, guided sessions, interactive Q&A’s, and plenty of additional content.

Outside of the primary sessions we will provide recipes for your meals, morning and bedtime routines, bonus lectures, group cold exposure sessions, and everything you need to live the XPT Life along with us for the weekend. This will be interactive so you can post your comments, photos, and questions during the experience to interact with the group and XPT team. You will have multiple opportunities to ask questions directly to our experts, team, and founders throughout the weekend.

If you miss any sessions at the scheduled time you will be able to go back and watch them at your convenience throughout the weekend. The sessions will also be available to view for 60 days following the experience.

Do I need a computer to do this experience?
You may access the XPT Live Experience feed from a smartphone, tablet or computer.

Do I need a Facebook Account to attend this experience?
Yes, the group will gather on a private Facebook group, so you will need the ability to log in to Facebook to reach the group, ask questions and tune in.

Do I need a pool?
No, we will not be doing any pool training for this experience.

Do I need a sauna?
No, we will suggest other ways you can heat up. But if you have one great!

Do I need to be in really good shape?
You can participate in this experience at any fitness level.

How big of a workout space will I need?
Any 10x10ft space indoors or outdoors.

What if I have to miss some of it?
No problem, all of the experience content will be accessible for a period of time afterwards so you can go back and watch at your convenience.

What if I have an injury that will limit participation?
You can pick and choose what you participate in, or need to modify.

I'm on a different time zone, will I be able to do this experience?
You can start your experience any time after 4:30pm PST on July 10th. All content will be available for 60 days to view at your convenience.