Performance Breathing® Virtual Workshop

Performance Breathing® Virtual Workshop

Performance Breathing® Virtual Workshop

October 24th | 8am-11am PST

Learn How to Reduce Anxiety and Reach your Peak Performance

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The XPT Performance Breathing Workshop was developed to help you master and unlock the benefits of breathing. The three-hour program, led by breathing expert and XPT Director of Performance PJ Nestler, will allow you to interact directly with XPT instructors who will be on hand to answer all of your questions as you embark on your breathing journey.

Breathing is the foundation of life. Humans take an average of 20,000 breaths per day, most of them unconsciously, and the way we breathe influences every system and cell in the body. However, because of a host of factors that stem from our modern lifestyle, most of us take those breaths with some type of undiagnosed dysfunction.

Bringing awareness to the way you breathe, correcting dysfunctions, and understanding how to optimize breathing for any situation is the fastest way to unlock your true potential across health, performance, and longevity. The XPT Performance Breathing Workshop is designed to help you develop that awareness through a mix of proven education and practice.

Exploring the Spectrum of Performance Breathing

  • Introduce the science and practice of performance breathing 
  • Explore different patterns and sensations through a 20-minute guided breathing session
  • Review and analyze the guided breathing experience
  • Discuss respiratory physiology simplified into layman's terms

Functional Breathing Mechanics

  • Learn to recognize and correct dysfunctional breathing mechanics
  • Improve respiratory strength and function (particularly important during COVID-19)
  • Discover techniques proven to alleviate back/shoulder/neck pain, improve sleep, reduce stress, boost immune system function, and much more
  • Leave with practical applications and exercises to perform at home

Breathing and the Mind

  • Understand the brain and breath connection
  • Use the breath to reduce stress
  • Enhance emotional regulation to control negative emotions (anxiety, fear, anger)
  • Improve cognition, focus, and energy
  • Practice mindfulness and meditation
  • Develop optimal morning and bedtime routines

Breathing for Performance

  • Understand how breathing impacts physical and cognitive performance
  • Get more out of training sessions with pre-workout breathing protocols
  • Enhance endurance workouts, strength training, and interval sessions with proper breathing for each activity
  • Stimulate recovery and promote adaptation with post-workout breathing routines

Can't make it? No problem, the event will be available to stream online the following day, and will be available for 1 week.