XPT Life Training Group

XPT Life Training Group

XPT Life Training Group

Monthly Subscription

XPT Life is a Facebook group that provides coaching and guidance for living a high-performance life on your terms. Connect with other like-minded members of the XPT family as you optimize the way you Breathe, Move, and Recover every day.

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Join the XPT Life community for a daily dose of extreme performance.

Click here to try the Isometric Strength Training Workout

XPT Life is a members-only community that provides coaching and guidance for living a high-performance lifestyle on your terms. Daily workouts and updates are complemented by a curated mix of resources that help you understand the meaning behind the XPT vision, while giving you the flexibility to customize your personal journey. 

The Facebook group features all of the best that XPT has to offer. Optimize the way you Breathe, Move, and Recover, and forge deep connections with like-minded members whose goals align with yours.

As a member of XPT Life, you will have access to:

  • Daily workouts with coach-led video explanations
  • Purpose-driven programming that targets both short-term and long-term goals
  • LIVE weekly breathing sessions
  • LIVE weekly Saturday sessions featuring breathwork and workouts
  • Collaborative workouts with the whole community working toward a common goal
  • Individual benchmark workouts to establish personal baselines and track progress
  • Q&A sessions with XPT Coaches
  • Educational content focused around the high-performance lifestyle

Purchase instructions:

To make your entry into XPT Life as smooth as possible, please use the email address associated with your Facebook profile to purchase your XPT Life membership. This will allow our team to quickly grant you access to the group. 

Thank you for your interest in XPT Life. We’ll see you soon!