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XPT Coach Certification

XPT Coach Certification

Date TBD, Houston, TX

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Join the movement and discover a unique new approach to optimizing health, performance and longevity. This educational program will provide an introduction to the three main elements of XPT | Breathe. Move. Recover.

The Live-Practical for this Certification is TBD in Houston, Texas.  

XPT Performance Breathing®
Science and application of breathe for health and performance

XPT Water
Shallow water exercises and programming.

XPT Recover
Benefits and applications of extreme cold and heat exposure.

2 day Certification
This course includes ~10-15 hours of home study and 2 days in person for hands-on, practical application. 


A coaches level understanding of various methods to optimize the health, performance, fitness and longevity of your clients, friends and family along with the knowledge to adjust and scale this holistic lifestyle program for any population

Add ‘XPT Coach Certification’ to your resume credentials -Receive continuing education credits from NASM, ACE, and AFAA -Incorporate the principles and methods into your private or small group training

Access to the XPT Coaches Portal including: extensive video library, downloadable XPT programming, 150+ research studies, client assessments, coaches forum to connect with other XPT Coaches, FAQs, private monthly Q&A with XPT Director of Performance, webinars with XPT team and advisors covering science, training and more

To XPT events, apparel and partners 


After you complete your certification, you may become an XPT Affiliate. The XPT Affiliate rate is currently $200 per year (but may increase in the future). Becoming an XPT affiliate gives you the right to market XPT classes or programs using the XPT brand through any communication channels (social media, newsletters, websites).

What it does not give you the right to do is: Brand any location or unit as an XPT facility, gym or box | Create an XPT branded business, website or social media account...If an XPT Franchise location ultimately opens in your territory we will likely not be able to renew your XPT Affiliate status, but you will be well positioned to be the franchisee or have a beautiful new facility where you can coach.