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XPT Coach Affiliate Program

XPT Coach Affiliate Program

For Certified XPT Coaches Only

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For Certified XPT Coaches Only

Join the XPT Family and spread the impact by promoting and offering your own XPT services. An XPT Coach Affiliate can leverage the XPT brand to solicit attendees to her own classes, workshops, or training. Affiliate coaches will also be featured on the directory at for potential clients to find your services.

XPT Certified Coach Affiliates have the rights to:

Market that they are conducting official XPT classes/sessions at a given location and date(s) under their own banner (word of mouth, social channels, individual website).

Use XPT approved logos, images, and videos.

Use XPT trademarked terminology to describe XPT classes and workshops (e.g. XPT Performance Breathing, XPT Water, XPT Heat & Ice, XPT Fire & Ice, XPT Exposure, Breathe Move Recover, Extreme Performance Training, etc.).

For clarity, any XPT Certified Coach can say they are leading a breathing class, but an XPT Coach Affiliate is required if the Coach wants to market that she is conducting an XPT Breathing class (or XPT Heat & Ice session, XPT Workshop).

XPT certified coach affiliates do not have the rights to:

Imply employment by or ownership of XPT or XPT IP and trademarks. This means that an XPT Coach Affiliate cannot market themselves on social media (channel names or hashtags) or via facility names, website URLs or any other manifestation as XPT, XPT Performance Breathing, Breathe Move Recover, Extreme Performance Training, nor can they imply ownership rights of a given territory (e.g. XPTCanada, PerformanceBreathingL.A., XPTBreathingAustin, BreatheMoveRecoverMexico).

Brand any location or unit as an XPT facility, gym or box

Promote or market XPT through an association with a facility. If the facility wishes to promote or market XPT classes or workshops, they must apply to become an XPT Partner, which is currently only available for resorts.

Modify or change XPT colors, videos or logos in any way.

Modify or change the XPT IP and trademarks (e.g. modify XPT Breathe Move Recover to XPT Breathe Stretch Train Recover).


Why do you offer the XPT Coach Affiliate?

We offer the XPT Coach Affiliate in order to provide an affordable way for XPT Certified Coaches to license a limited set of XPT IP and trademark rights to help leverage their XPT Certification beyond the education obtained in the course. Only XPT Certified Coaches who want to leverage the XPT rights for marketing purposes need to obtain the XPT Coach Affiliate.

Is the XPT Coach Affiliate an annual fee? Will I always have the right to renew my XPT Coach Affiliate status?

As with every affiliate charge we are aware of, the XPT Coach Affiliate is an annual renewal, which allows us to keep the annual price low and ensures that only those XPT Certified Coaches who find value with affiliation continue to pay for it.We are beginning work on XPT studios, and intend to scale in the near future (we wish we could say more). If an XPT studio ultimately opens in your territory we will likely not be able to renew your XPT Coach Affiliate status for the next year; however, you will be well positioned to have a beautiful new facility in which to coach (or potential own if so desired).

Can we name XPT (something) not location based?

The XPT usage can be applied to things like “I’m an XPT Coach”, or “XPT Performance Breathing workshop at XYZ GYM”, but it doesn’t grant you the ability to name or do things like XPTMobilityFitness.

If I’m not an affiliate, can I tag myself as an XPT certified in my bio on Instagram?

You’ll certainly be able to say that you are an XPT Certified Coach along with other accreditations you have (like NASM Certified, Kettlebells, etc), however, you will not be able to run or promote XPT classes, nor use the logo for any usage, unless you are an affiliate.

XPT Coach Affiliate is non-refundable